Memory Cards.

Sd Card                        1 gb                                 £9.99


Sd Card                        2 gb                                 £14.99


XD Picture Card          1 gb                                 £14.99


Compact Flash             1 gb                                 £16.99


Compact Flash             4 gb                                 £32.99

At rapture we also sell memory cards.


The digital equivalent of film are removable memory cards, they are what digital cameras use to store the images they have taken. Depending on the size of the card and the format of the images saved on it, a card can hold anywhere from one to many hundreds of digital images. When a memory card is full, the camera owner can either delete images from the card or transfer them to a computer or storage device to free up space for additional pictures or bring them in for digital printing.

The xD-Picture Card memory card allows you to save high defintition images and video sequences.  The xD is adapted to  digital cameras with a small format and is the smallest memory card on the market.

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