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Rapture photographic's was started in December 2007 by Robert and Jill Wilson who saw the need for a high quality film and digital processing outlet in Norwich, providing a wide range of services for the beginner, serious amateur and professional photographers.


We sought the advise of Fuji digital Imaging and Noritsu processing two of the leading companies in the photographic industry. We had demonstrations of the Fuji 570 and Noritsu QSS3201sd and after careful consideration the 3201 was ordered.


Jill has always been seriously interested in all forms of wildlife and worked for the Norfolk Wildlife Trust during the 1990's. On meeting Rob in 2005 she was encouraged to learn the art of photography which gives the opportunity for the company to photograph two things at the same time. The Canon EOS 400D is giving some very good results with the 100-400mm IS lens and finds the camera easy to use. It is also not too heavy so allows for quick access and therefore some good results on flight images. (i.e. by the time Rob gets the 600mm lens out of the boot the bird has flown off).



Rob's passion for bird watching began with an exceptional career in bird photography in 1985. He has been a regular contributor to monthly magazines with work featured in Birding World, Bird Watch, Bird Watching, British Birds, Dutch Birding and various county reports and books since then. He has always found quality in Canon equipment and currently uses 2 Canon EOS-1D Mark IIN's with various lenses including 600mm IS, 100-400mm IS, 20-35mm wide angle, 28-70mm 2.8L plus also 2x and 1.4x converters, flash guns and extension tubes. We have found,however, the 600mm lens has limitations for flight photography – funnily enough it is a little heavy!!!

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