Rapture Photographic's

High Quality Scanner
(LED Light Source)

The QSS-3201 series film scanner has an LED light source, which requires minimal maintenance and provides consistent scanning of a wide variety of film types and formats.

State-of-the-Art Laser Engine

The QSS-32 series minilabs are equipped with a laser engine that employs Noritsu Koki's multi-paper-matching technology to make high-quality prints of 300dpi on both digital paper and conventional photographic paper.
Image Correction Improvements

Many of the original digital correction features that have been available with previous QSS minilabs have been improved upon, and several new high-precision correction features have been added to assure high quality prints, including the following.
  Digital Masking Software (Option): Corrects dust and scratches on the emulsion layer of film, which cannot be corrected by DIGITAL ICE. (DIGITAL ICE is a standard feature!)
  Correction of Insufficient Brightness on the Edge of the Image Field: Corrects images in which the area around the subject is too dark, which is a common occurrence in flash photography.
  JPEG Block Correction
  Lens Aberration Correction
  Chromatic Aberration Correction
  Graininess Correction for Underexposed Images

Jumbo Panorama Prints
(New Maximum Advance Length of 36 Inches)

These minilabs boast a   new maximum print size of 305x914mm (12x36 inches), which can be used for POP displays and group photos, etc. This new print service will give you an edge over the competition, as the print size is twice as long as the conventional maximum print size of 305x457mm (12x18 inches).
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